Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration

The Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration (SJPA) publishes four issues per year, presenting articles on public administration with perspectives from political and management studies, economics or law studies.

Vol 25, No 1 (2021)

Table of Contents


Institutional Overlaps and Agency Autonomy: Examining Ministerial Influence on National Agencies’ EU Affairs PDF
Nadja S. Kühn 3-22
How Municipalities Can Enhance Citizen Participation? – Exploring the Views of Participants and Non-Participants PDF
Anni Jäntti, Kaisa Kurkela 23-42
Making Better Regulation: How Efficient is Consultation? PDF
Morten Jarlbæk Pedersen 43-57
Regional Political Leadership in Sweden and Finland: Do Institutional Conditions Affect Influence Over Regional Development? PDF
Emily Sundqvist 59-77

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