Vol 9, No 2 (2010)

Special Issue: Metadiscourse

Issue edited by Annelie Ädel and Anna Mauranen

Table of Contents


Metadiscourse: Diverse and Divided Perspectives PDF
Annelie Ädel, Anna Mauranen 1-11
Discourse Reflexivity - A Discourse Universal? The Case of ELF PDF
Anna Mauranen 13-40
The Discourse Functions of Metadiscourse in Published Academic Writing: Issues of Culture and Language PDF
Carmen Pérez-Llantada 41-68
Just to give you kind of a map of where we are going: A Taxonomy of Metadiscourse in Spoken and Written Academic English PDF
Annelie Ädel 69-97
Metadiscursive Practices in Introductions: Phraseology and Semantic Sequences across Genres PDF
Marina Bondi 99-123
Metadiscourse: Mapping Interactions in Academic Writing PDF
Ken Hyland 125-143
Understanding Metadiscoursal Use: Lessons from a ‘Local’ Corpus of Learner Academic Writing PDF
Wendy Noble 145-169
Hedging devices in Slovene-English Translation: A Corpus-Based Study PDF
Agnes Pisanski Peterlin 171-193
A Review of Recent Metadiscourse Studies: The Iranian Context PDF
Avon Crismore, Esmaeel Abdollehzadeh 195-219


About the Contributors PDF
Volume 9 Issue 2 221-224

Complete Issue

Volume 9 Issue 2 PDF
Complete Issue 1-226