"Mänskligheten svämmar över alla bräddar och krymper på samma gång": Modernitet och antropocentrism i Karl-Erik Forsslunds Djur (1900) och Helena Granströms Det som en gång var (2016)

Andreas Hedberg


This article investigates the critique of modernity and anthropocentrism in works by Swedish authors Karl-Erik Forsslund (1872–1941), poet and novelist, and Helena Granström (b. 1983), poet, novelist and essayist. By comparing the ecological thinking of these two authors – highlighting important similarities, but also a number of significant differences – the article takes the form of an overview of the development of environmentalism. Special attention is given to the relations between man and animal in the 20th and 21st centuries, inspired by the works of ecocritics such as Greg Garrard and Timothy Morton.

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