Vol 26, No 2 (2022)

Table of Contents


Reaching Into the Dark Side of Organisations: The Banality and Emergence of Administrative Evil in the Light of Two Case Examples PDF
Petri Virtanen, Tommi Lehtonen, Harri Raisio 3-21
How Many? Calculative Practices in the Response to the Refugee Crisis of 2015 PDF
Maja Svenbro 23-40
Collaborative Management in Norwegian Municipalities: Do Middle Managers Make a Difference? PDF
Are Vegard Haug 41-66
Under the Press(ure)? The Role of Media in Organisation and Provision of Municipal Elderly Care PDF
Signe Jernberg, Josef Pallas 67-88
Shaping Management in Gendered Work – A Comparative Study in the Swedish Public Sector PDF
Tina Forsberg, Annika Härenstam 89-112

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