Vol 22, No 3 (2018)

The Role of Civil Servants in Scandinavia

Table of Contents


Considering (New Public) Civil Servants: Emerging Roles and Contexts PDF
Tom S. Karlsson, Jan Olsson 3-16
Keeping the Discussion Among Civil Servants Alive: 'Platform of Values' as an Emerging Genre Within the Public Sector in Sweden PDF
Catharina Nyström Höög, Anders Björkvall 17-38
Functional Politicisation Among Lower-Ranking Civil Servants: Conflicts and Dilemmas in Danish Central Government PDF
Birgitte Poulsen, Pernille Boye Koch 39-63
Obeying Ministers or Laws? A Study of Danish Civil Servants' Responses to Illegal Requests PDF
Carina Saxlund Bischoff 65-87
Interactive Policy Processes: A Challenge for Street-Level Bureaucrats PDF
Annika Agger, Bodil Damgaard 89-108
Benefit Fraud and Policy Alienation Among Civil Servants PDF
Lene Mosegaard Søbjerg 109-128
Public or Private – Does It Matter? How School Leaders in Public and Private Schools Perceive Their Roles PDF
Jenny Madestam, Göran Sundström, Göran Bergström 129-152

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