Vol 21, No 3 (2017)

Table of Contents


Participation or Satisfaction? Examining Determinants of Trust in Local Government PDF
Annelin Gustavsen, Jon Pierre, Asbjørn Røiseland 3-16
Collaborative Innovation in the Public Sector – New Perspectives on the Role of Citizens? PDF
Annika Agger, Dorthe Hedensted Lund 17-38
Big Data in the Public Sector: A Systematic Literature Review PDF
Cecilia Fredriksson, Farooq Mubarak, Marja Tuohimaa, Ming Zhan 39-62
Implementing and Designing Interactive Governance Arenas: A Top-Down Governance Perspective PDF
Andreas Hagedorn Krogh 63-84
Social Investment Funds in Sweden: Status and Design Issues PDF
Lars Hultkrantz, Elin Vimefall 85-108
Institutional Pressure and Failure Dynamics in the Swedish Voucher School Sector PDF
Abiel Sebhatu, Karl Wennberg 109-136

Book reviews

Reviewed: Czarniawska (editor); "A Research Agenda for Management and Organization Studies" PDF
Tom S. Karlsson 137-140

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