Vol 21, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents


On evaluation of innovations: How to evaluate the transformative value of Cohesion policy for managing purposes? PDF
Isak Vento 3-22
The MIO-model. A guide for innovation support in public sector organizations PDF
Johanna Nählinder, Anna Fogelberg Eriksson 23-48
A Third Generation of Performance Contracting in Danish Central Government? PDF
Mads Bøge Kristiansen 49-68
Institutional change and system support – reforming the executive in Norwegian cities and regions PDF
Oddbjørn Bukve, Hans Petter Saxi 69-88
Voluntary turnover among public sector managers: A review PDF
Anna Cregård, Linda Corin, Katrin Skagert 89-114

Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration

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