Vol 20, No 3 (2016)

Table of Contents


After the Merger: Do Citizens Want Democratic Innovations? PDF ()
Krister Lundell, Maija Karjalainen, Henrik Serup Christensen 3-31
A Municipal Service Center – For What and For Whom? Understanding the political nature of public administration reform PDF
Ann-Catrin Kristianssen, Jan Olsson 33-54
In search of the relevant other – Collaborative governance in Denmark PDF
Anders la Cour 55-75
Promoting and protecting values through leadership agency: Experiences from disaggregation and autonomisation of municipal waste management PDF
Harald Torsteinsen, Ole Johan Andersen 77-99
"The Patient comes First"! The Patient as a construction Enabling and Disabling change. PDF
Carina Beckerman 101-117

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