Vol 19, No 4 (2015)

Table of Contents


Taking Stock of Regional Governance PDF
Asbjørn Røiseland, Hege Hofstad, Anders Lidström, Eva Sørensen 3-6
The Scandinavian Regional Model: Accounting for the shift from convergence to divergence PDF
Jacob Torfing, Anders Lidström, Asbjørn Røiseland 7-28
The Kainuu Regional Experiment: Deliberate and unintended effects of scaling local government tasks to the regional level PDF
Arto Haveri, Jenni Airaksinen, Anni Jäntti 29-47
Collaborative innovation as a tool for environmental, economic and social sustainability in regional governance PDF
Hege Hofstad, Jacob Torfing 49-70
The role of municipalities in the bottom-up formation of a meta-region in Sweden: Drivers and barriers PDF
Jörgen Johansson, Lars Niklasson, Bo Persson 71-88
Assessing the impact of political partnerships on coordinated meta- governance of regional governance PDF
Ulla Higdem 89-109
Conditions for political leadership in pluricentric Scandinavian regions PDF
Eva Sørensen, Anders Lidström, Gro Sandkjær Hanssen 111-130

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