Vol 19, No 2 (2015)

After NPM?

Guest editors: Kajsa Lindberg, Barbara Czarniawska and Rolf Solli

Table of Contents


After NPM? PDF
Kajsa Lindberg, Barbara Czarniawska, Rolf Solli 3-6
From ‘either or’ to ‘both and’: Organisational management in the aftermath of NPM PDF
Niklas Wällstedt, Roland Almqvist 7-25
When patient empowerment encounters professional autonomy: The conflict and negotiation process of inscribing an eHealth service PDF
Gudbjörg Erlingsdóttir, Cecilia Lindholm 27-48
Projectification in Swedish municipalities. A case of porous organizations PDF
Mats Fred 49-68
After the NPM Wave. Evidence-Based Practice and the Vanishing Client PDF
Kerstin Johansson, Verner Denvall, Evert Vedung 69-88
Managing Administrative Reform through Language Work. Implementing Lean in Swedish Public Sector Organisations PDF
Kristina Tamm Hallström, Renita Thedvall 89-108
In the absence of detailed steering. A governmental attempt to address the issues of recentralization and detailed performance control PDF
Fredrik Svärdsten 109-127

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