Vol 18, No 4 (2014)

Innovative practices in work, organization and regional development – problems and prospects

Guest editors: Lena Högberg & Elisabeth Sundin

Table of Contents


Innovative practices in work, organization and re-gional development – problems and prospects Introduction to the special issue PDF
Lena Högberg, Elisabeth Sundin 3-8
Leadership with care – Constructing responsibility as ‘shared caring’ in a complex public service organisation PDF
Mervi Hasu, Mikko Lehtonen 9-28
Re-organizing Australian public sector work: Conditions for innovating-in-practice PDF
Mary C. Johnsson, Oriana Milani Price, Marie Manidis 29-50
Can public procurement be an instrument for policy learning in gender mainstreaming? PDF
Ann-Charlott Callerstig 51-71
Managing the gap between policy and practice through Intermediaries for Quality Improvement PDF
Truls Neubeck, Mattias Elg, Thomas Schneider 73-89
From exclusion to inclusion in public innovation support? Innovative practices in bottom-up networks PDF
Malin Lindberg 91-107
Societal Entrepreneurship – a Cross-Boundary Force for Regional and Local Development Cherished for Multiple Reasons PDF
Malin Gawell, Anne Pierre, Yvonne von Friedrichs 109-130

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