Vol 16, No 3 (2012)

Special Issue: Evaluation

Guest editors: Evert Vedung, Morten Balle Hansen and Pekka T Kettunen

Table of Contents


Five Political Science Contributions to Evaluation Research PDF
Evert Vedung, Morten B Hansen, Pekka T Kettunen 3-7
Framework for exploring the interplay of governance and evaluation PDF
Anders Hanberger 9-27
Evaluation as a situational or a universal good? Why evaluability assessment for evaluation systems is a good idea, what it might look like in practice, and why it is not fashionable PDF
Peter Dahler-Larsen 29-46
Systemic evaluation governance. New logics in the development of organisational fields PDF
Hanne Foss Hansen 47-64
Evaluating Education in Greenland. How is Power Exercised through Evaluation Models? PDF
Merete Watt Boolsen 65-82
Vision Zero. How a Policy Innovation is Dashed by Interest Conflicts, but May Prevail in the End PDF
Matts-Åke Belin, Per Tillgren 83-102

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