Vol 3, No 2 (2004)

Table of Contents


The influence of English on the languages in the Nordic countries PDF
Karin Aijmer, Gunnel Melchers 1-4
Modern Loanwords in the Nordic Countries: Presentation of a project PDF
Anne-Line Graedler 5-21
Attitudes towards the English influx in the Nordic countries: A quantitative investigation PDF
Jacob Thøgersen 23-38
Danish Echoes of English PDF
Henrik Gottlieb 39-65
Sentence openings in academic economics articles in English and Danish PDF
Philip Shaw 67-84
English influence on the Swedish vocabulary 1800-2000 PDF
Mall Stålhammar 85-100
Is "den förste att gå" den förste som gick? PDF
Magnus Ljung 101-114
English Influence on Swedish Word Formation and Segmentals PDF
Anders Lindström 115-142
English Influence on the Icelandic Lexicon PDF
Gu∂rún Kvaran 143-152
English in Icelandic – A comparison between generations PDF
Ásta Svavarsdóttir 153-165
Creating Images through English on Yellow Pages: Multilingual Practices in Advertising in the Helsinki Region PDF
Päivi Pahta, Irma Taavitsainen 167-185

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