Vol 11, No 3 (2012)

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Irony and gender politics in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Aurora Leigh PDF
Lynda Chouiten 1-17
Space, time, and plane travel in Walter Kirn’s novel Up in the Air PDF
Julie Hansen 18-35
“What are you?” Fear, desire, and disgust in the Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood PDF
Maria Lindgren Leavenworth 36-54
Paper-thin walls: Law and the domestic in Marie Belloc Lowndes’ popular gothic PDF
Ellen Turner 55-77
Genre theory: A horn of plenty for EFL learners PDF
Andrzej Cirocki 78-99
Textual reduction in translated dialogue in film versus literary fiction PDF
Signe Oksefjell Ebeling 100-126
On spelling behavio(u)r: A corpus-based study of advanced EFL learners’ preferred variety of English PDF
Tove Larsson 127-154
Combining intuition with corpus linguistic analysis: A study of marked lexical chunks in four Chinese students’ undergraduate assignments PDF
Maria Leedham 155-187
Pulmonic ingressive speech in the Shetland Isles: Some observations on a potential Nordic relic feature PDF
Peter Sundkvist 188-202

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About the Contributors PDF
Volume 11 Issue 3