Vol 11, No 2 (2012)

Special Issue: Culture and Class

Edited by Ronald Paul

Table of Contents


Introduction: Culture and Class PDF
Ronald Paul 1-4
Race, Gender and Class in the Autobiography of Huey P. Newton PDF
Chloé Avril 5-35
Anyone Can Do That: The Commom Music of Poetry PDF
Andy Croft 36-49
Tomskaya Pisanitsa Park, Kemerovo PDF
Andy Croft 50-56
Colonial Pedigree: Class, Masculinity, and History in the Early Rhodesian Novel PDF
Stephen Donovan 57-79
A Worker’s Consciousness: The Psychology of Class in Peter Currell Brown’s Smallcreep’s Day PDF
William Frederick II 80-92
Semiotic Historicism, Class, and Sustainable Politics PDF
Hans Löfgren 93-107
How To Stop Paying Lip-service to Class—And Why It Won’t Happen PDF
Julian Markels 108-119
“A big change”: Intersectional Class and Gender in John Sommerfield’s May Day PDF
Ronald Paul 120-137
‘You’re fuckin’ amazing, by the way’: Marginalisation and Recovery in Roddy Doyle’s Paula Spencer PDF
Åke Persson 138-165
"I'm sick of my own country": Ethics and Aesthetics in James Joyce's "The Dead" PDF
Barry Ryan 166-188
Culture, Alienation and Social Classes PDF
George Snedeker 189-200


About the Contributors PDF
Volume 11 Issue 2 201-203

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Volume 11 Issue 2 PDF
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