Vol 7, No 3 (2008)

Special Issue: English for Academic Purposes

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Philip Shaw, Trine Dahl 1-8
Repeated Language in Academic Discourse: The Case of Biology Background Statements PDF
Diane Pecorari 9-33
Knowledge-stating Verbs and Contexts of Accountability in Linguistic and Literary Academic Discourse PDF
Hans Malmström 35-60
Citation Forms in Scientific Texts: Similarities and Differences in L1 and L2 Professional Writing PDF
Akiko Okamura 61-81
What uh the Folks Who Did this Survey Found:Expert Attribution in Spoken Academic Lectures PDF
Annelie Ädel 83-102
English as the Lingua Franca of Engineering: The Morphosyntax of Academic Speech Events PDF
Beyza Björkman 103-122
Proficiency Effects and Compensation in Advanced Second-Language Reading PDF
Philip Shaw, Alan McMillion 123-143
Bilingual Scientific Literacy? The Use of English in Swedish University Science Courses PDF
John Airey, Cedric Linder 145-161
The Relationship Between Grades and the Lexical Richness of Student Essays PDF
Zakaria Lemmouh 163-180
Front Stage and Back Stage Writing: Using Logs to Rehearse and Develop a Disciplinary Role PDF
Nancy Lea Eik-Nes 181-198
English as an Academic Lingua Franca – the ELFA project PDF
Anna Mauranen, Elina Ranta 199-202
The KIAP Project: Academic Voices in Harmony and Contrast PDF
Trine Dahl 203-204
English-Medium Higher Education in Denmark (EMHED) PDF
Kirsten Haastrup 205-206
English for Academic Purposes: A New Discipline in Norway? PDF
Ann Torday Gulden 207-211
The Swedish Symposium for English for Special Purposes PDF
Philip Shaw, Rhonwen Bowen 213-214