Vol 5, No 1 (2006)

Special Issue: Metaphors

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Kay Wikberg 1-5
Live, Moribund, and Dead Metaphors PDF
Christina Alm-Arvius 7-14
Justified pride? Metaphors of the word pride in English language corpora, 1418–1991 PDF
Heli Tissari 15-49
Electrifying Performances and Brains that Fuse: Metaphor and the Cognitive Function of Electricity PDF
Marlene Johansson Falck 51-70
The Creative Use of Idioms in Advertising PDF
Carita Lundmark 71-98
Grammatical Metaphor/Metonymy in the Treaty Establishing A Constitution for Europe: A Comparison between the English and Swedish Versions PDF
Mall Stålhammar 99-117
Dwelling upon Metaphors: The Translation of William Gass’s Novellas PDF
Enrico Monti 119-34


REVIEW: Dypedah, Magne, Hilde Hasselgård and Berit Loken. 2006. Introducing English Grammar. Bergen: Fagbok forlaget. PDF
Anna-Lena Fredriksson 135-36
REVIEW: Johansson, Stig, and Anne-Line Graedler. 2002. Rocka, hipt og snacksy. Om engelsk i norsk språk og samfunn. Kristiansand: Hoyskoleforlaget. PDF
Gunnel Melchers 137-44