Vol 3, No 1 (2004)

Special issue: Worlds of words, A tribute to Arne Zettersten

Issue edited by Cay Dollerup

Table of Contents


Adjectives, Compounds, and Words PDF
Laurie Bauer 7-22
The Concept of 'Dictionary Usage' PDF
Henning Bergenholtz, Sven Tarp 23-36
From Lidköping to Köpenhamn: Gone Shopping? PDF
Charles Lock 37-44
The Etymology of 'Brain' and Cognates PDF
Anatoly Liberman 45-60
The Etymology of 'Ríme' in the 'Ormulum' PDF
Nils-Lennart Johannesson 61-74
Frames for the Semantics of Bachelor PDF
Gunnar Persson 75-92
Spelling's Significance for Textual Studies PDF
Norman Blake, Jacob Thaisen 93-108
The Catholicon Anglicum (1483): A Reconsideration PDF
Gabriele Stein 109-124
Lay Literacy and the Medieval Bible PDF
Graham D. Caie 125-144
Detritus and Literature PDF
Helmut Bonheim 145-158
Anne Bushby, Translator of Hans Christian Andersen PDF
Viggo Hjørnager Pedersen 159-172
Pragmatic Markers in Spoken Interlanguage PDF
Karin Aijmer 173-190
Kids and German Lexicography PDF
Ulrich Busse 191-206
Recent Anglicisms in Romanian PDF
Hortensia Pârlog 207-218
Subtitles and International Anglification PDF
Henrik Gottlieb 219-230
Translation Today: A Global View PDF
Cay Dollerup 231-250

Complete Issue

Volume 3 Issue 1 PDF
Complete Issue 1-278