Students’ Perspectives on English Medium Instruction: A Survey-based Study at a Norwegian University

Trude Bukve


Internationalisation of higher education (HE) has led to an extensive implementation of English medium instruction (EMI) in Nordic higher education. This study explores students´ attitudes towards EMI in the Norwegian study context. A total of 346 students within the fields of law, philosophy, and natural science responded to a questionnaire and evaluated statements concerning the language use in the educational context. Indexes measuring confidence in English skills and attitudes towards EMI were constructed and analysed using multiple regression. Natural science students and students with high confidence had significantly more positive attitudes towards EMI than students who were less confident in their English skills. Furthermore, confidence correlated positively with students’ plans to study abroad, which could suggest that confidence in English is a predominant factor influencing students’ choices of whether or not to go abroad as part of their education.


EMI; disciplinary fields; confidence; language attitudes; higher education; study abroad

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