Recurrent Multiword Sequences in L2 English Spoken Academic Discourse: Developmental Perspectives on 1st and 3rd Year Undergraduate Presentational Speech

Nicole Baumgarten


Little is known about the development of second language (L2) capacities in L2 users located in multilingual environments where more than one language is a viable communication tool and users can decide which to use for which purpose. Adopting a socially-grounded perspective on L2 learning, this study explores university-based L2 English learning in a multilingual learning context in Denmark. 46 academic presentations from first and final year undergraduate students were analysed for the users’ use of recurrent multiword sequences as a measure of development of routinized discourse production. This analysis was complemented by an analysis of the users’ language use habits and socialization patterns. The analyses revealed a negative development in pre-patterned L2 use between first and final year students. These results call for a reconsideration of academic L2 English instruction in multilingual environments outside native English-speaking settings, where L2 learning trajectories appear to be able to be stunted by L2 users’ overall language use habits.



Multiword sequences; lexical bundles; English as a lingua franca; L2 socialization; L2 learning; university language; monologic speaking

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