Punctuation Practice in Manuscript Sainte Geneviève 3390

Isabel de la Cruz-Cabanillas


The aim of the present article is to explore the scribal punctuation practice in one of Richard Rolle’s epistles, Ego dormio, in manuscript Paris Sainte Geneviève 3390. Analyses of samples seek to reveal regular patterns of use concerning punctuation symbols. Special uses of punctuation may indicate either rhetorical or grammatical functions of these symbols. The method of analysis considers contextual information in the description of each punctuation symbol to identify their functions. In addition, we have used earlier works on medieval punctuation in the identification and categorization of symbols along with their already attested functions (mainly Lucas, 1971, Parkes, 1992 and Zeeman, 1956). The results of the study will be compared with these functions in order to contextualize scribal use of punctuation symbols within the tradition in Middle English manuscripts.



Richard Rolle; Ego Dormio; punctuation; Middle English; Manuscripts

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