Vol 104, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents


English Proficiency Testing – alla Bolognese PDF
Arne Olofsson 1-8
The Dialectics of Class and Postcolonialism in Cities of the Red Night PDF
William Frederick II 9-19
Everyday and Imagined: Empowered Girlhood at Home in the Poetry of Rita Dove PDF
Maria Proitsaki 20-32
„Kreuzzeitung“ und „russische Grenze“ – Das historische und geographische Detail bei Theodor Fontane und Eduard von Keyserling PDF
Boris Hoge 33-44


Kinsella, Anna R., Language Evolution and Syntactic Theory. Cambridge: CUP 2009. AND Larson, Richard K., Viviane Déprez & Hiroko Yamakido (eds.), The Evolution of Human Language. Biolinguistic Perspectives. Cambridge: CUP 2010. PDF
Fred Karlsson 45-50
Hans Lindquist. Corpus Linguistics and the Description of English. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2009. 219 pp. ISBN 978 07486 2614 4 (hardback); ISBN 978 0 7486 26151 (paperback). PDF
Solveig Granath 51-57
Barkho, Leon, Where Swedes Get it Wrong When Writing English – A Practical Guide for Students, Teachers, Academics and Professionals. Printed by Books on Demand, Visby. ISBN 978-91-7465-063-1. IX + 148 pp. Price SEK 259 (Bokus.se) PDF
Arne Olofsson 58-61
Peters, Pam, Peter Collins & Adam Smith (editors). Comparative Studies in Australian and New Zealand English: Grammar and Beyond. Varieties of English Around the World G39. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins 2009. 406 pp. ISBN 978 90 272 4899 2 PDF
Elisabeth Gustawsson 62-63
Min flod flyter mot dig: Sextio dikter av Emily Dickinson. Translated by Ann-Marie Vinde. Bokverket Lyrik, 2010. 174 pp. ISBN 9789186413026. PDF
Catharine Walker Bergström 64-65

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