Análisis dialectométrico del nivel fonético del Atlas Lingüístico Pluridimensional de Panamá

Johnatan Estiven Bonilla


This work examines the dialectal division of Spanish in Panama based on the quantitative distribution of the phonetic features found in the Atlas Lingüístico Pluridimensional de Panamá (ALPEP) and its dialectometric analysis. The results allowed identifying five dialectal zones: the first zone, central-western composed of Panama, Portobelo, Salud, Penonomé, Santa Fe, Chitré, and Puerto Armuelles; the second area, which is known as the western zone, includes Pedasí, Santiago, El Tigre, Tolé, Cerro Punta and Changuinola; the third zone, central-eastern, formed by Metetí and Cañita; the fourth zone, eastern, given by the populations of La Palma and Yaviza; and the Guna Yala zone composed of El Porvenir.



dialectometry; Panamanian Spanish; linguistic atlas; Panamanian dialects

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