Arkeologen möter bävern. Aspekter på en ambivalent bekantskap

Tove Hjørungdal


A few examples of archaeological approaches to the beaver (Castor fiber L.) aregiven. A main source of inspiration is The Coles’ extensive archaeological recordmaterial and research on the beaver in Britain’s past, on which they establishedthe beaver as a significant agent in prehistory. A small number of various southScandinavian Mesolithic locales are focused. For comparison and contrast, recordsand interpretations from other disciplines are included. The bottom line of the paperis that Scandinavian archaeology has an unexplored potential in studies of beavermaterialities. This concerns approaches to beavers’ connections with humans insocial formations. It also concerns inclusion of the beaver and its materialities inlandscape and environmental archaeology, as well as in cultural heritage and inhistorical and contemporary archaeology.

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