Järnåldersbebyggelsen vid Västra Porten/Smällen

Ulf Ragnesten


Archaeological excavations have been conducted on several occasions in recent years close to the burial ground Västra Porten/Smällen, Ytterby parish. The University of Gothenburg has combined research-oriented studies and actions with seminar excavations at the site. In surveys, the remains of 17 prehistoric houses have been found. The buildings date from the late Bronze Age to the Vendel period. Analysis shows that farming was a main source of income for the residents. The early Iron Age settlement might be characterised as part of a village. There was a short break in the settlement during the early Roman Iron Age. After what probably was an organizational change, the settlement reappeared in another shape in the later Iron Age. During this era, a large hall building was raised. This shows that the place had great economic and social status during the Migration Period and onwards. It is still uncertain what happened to the established Viking settlement.

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