No 6 (2016)

Health and Well-Being in Today’s Scandinavia

This issue of LIR-journal »Health and well-being in today’s Scandinavia« is the outcome of interdisciplinary research done within the research programme »Religion, Culture, and Health« at the Faculty of Arts, at the University of Gothenburg, between 2010 and 2014.2 Here six scholars present their work on how it is possible to understand and deal with the growing number of people suffering from various states of illness, as well as mental and social difficulties, and therefore also how it is possible to apprehend and treat health problems related to ideological and culturally defined issues, such as ethical and political questions, gender structure, and religion.

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Marie Demker, Yvonne Leffler, Ola Sigurdsson 4–7


Existential Health. Philosophical and historical perspectives PDF
Ola Sigurdson 8–26
Social reading for mental health PDF
Lisbeth Stenberg 27–47
Women’s experience of reading fiction while on sick leave PDF
Cecilia Pettersson 48–59
Translation and untellability. Autistic subjects in autobiographical discourse PDF
Jenny Bergenmar 60–77
”I wish I had gone on a diet”. Citizenship in Danish campaigns and the novel The Mountain PDF
Camilla Schwartz 78–101
Health through Work: Lutheran and gendered perspectives in Swedish health magazines 1910–13 PDF
Wilhelm Kardemark 102–125

ISSN: 2001-2489