No 3 (2013)

On the analysis and critique of ideology

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Hjalmar Falk, Anton Jansson, Anders Pedersson 4–6


The practico-inertia of institutional practices PDF
Mathias Hein Jessen 7–19
Objects of history / Objects of ideology PDF
Nicolai von Eggers Mariegaard 20–34
Freedom under conditions of necessity PDF
Anders Pedersson 35–48
Ideological continuity and discursive changes in the Swedish educational system PDF
Thomas Wedin 49–55
The Ideology of consumption or, What does it mean to live in a tasteless world? PDF
Brian Benjamin Hansen 66–77
Ideology as a Kantian logic of ideas PDF
Henrik Jøker Bjerre 78–90
Religion as ideology and critique: Per Götrek’s Christian communism PDF
Anton Jansson 91–104
Did somebody say political religion? Notes on an ideologeme PDF
Hjalmar Falk 104–116

ISSN: 2001-2489