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No 12 (2020): Western Esotericism and Literature

Table of Contents


Introduction. Esotericism and Literature PDF
Henrik Bogdan 4–10
Gustav Meyrink’s The Golem. A Sensationalist Shlock Novel or an Esoteric Vision of the World? PDF
Sten Wistrand 11–52
From Chorazin to Carcosa. Fiction-Based Esotericism in the Black Pilgrimage of Jack Parsons and Cameron PDF
Manon Hedenborg White 53–74
Playing With Esotericism. Frank Heller’s Novel Andarna och Furustolpe (The Spirits and Furustolpe) and His Short Stories on Séances PDF
Dag Hedman 75–88
Esoteric Encounters. The Queen of Sheba in Solomon’s Temple PDF
Andreas Önnerfors 89–104

ISSN: 2001-2489