»Finns det några religiösa här?« Pedagogiskt drama som metodik i ämneslärarutbildningen i religionskunskap

Karin Kittelmann Flensner


‘Is anyone religious here?’ Educational drama as methodology in religious education teacher training

In recent years, both school and teacher education have been much debated in Sweden and a vast amount of reforms has been implemented. One of the modifications in the policy documents of teacher training is that the concept of methodology was reintroduced in teacher education. This means that the responsibility to educate teachers both in subject knowledge, as well as in didactics and methodology are the concerns of the departments where the teacher students study their specialized subjects. An example of a methodology used in a variety of ways, with different purposes and in different groups, is educational drama. Educational drama is commonly used in professional programs, for example in legal education, medical education, nursing education, social work education, physical therapist education and teacher training. What arguments for educational drama are there to be found in research? How could this methodology be part of the teacher training program in religious education? What would possible advantages and disadvantages of this kind of methodology be? These questions will be discussed in this article.

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