Fem stora förmågor och litteraturläsning. Att strukturera lärande i en tid av mätning och synliggörande

Ingrid Lindell


Teaching Models on Generic Competences and Reading Literature. Structuring Learning in Times of Measurement

Teaching literature in a time of measurement and visibility is met with a number of difficulties on several levels. In contemporary school development there is a wave of methodological offerings on how to make aims and criteria visible and in line with Assessment for Learning principles. A secondary grammar teacher of literature needs to be able to make explicit the purpose of reading and what qualifies a student’s task at which grade. This article discusses the presumptive learning object of literature reading in relation to one popular method of teaching generic competencies. In this example literature falls short and is both marginalised and risking instrumentality. Generic competencies could rewardingly be used in connection with teaching literature but needs to encompass metacognitive, aesthetical and experiential learning processes as well as analytical, communicative, conceptual and practical skills.

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