Zetterstéens oversettelse av Taha Husayn: al-Ayyam i et komparativt perspektiv. Strategiske valg i overføringsprosessen mellom kildetekst og måltekst

Gunvor Mejdell


This study compares the translation manuscript Dagarna with four different book translations of al-Ayya ̄ m into English (1932), French (1947), Swedish (1956) and Norwegian (1973) respectively. The investigation focuses on how »cultural markers« are rendered in the target texts, for example through transcription or the use of footnotes. The overarching question concerns their relative positions on a scale from a more »domesticating« strategy to a »foreignizing« approach. The comparison shows that of all the translators K.V. Zetterstéen is the most source language oriented; his translation is the least »domesticated« in the corpus; it has more academic traits than the other ones, which vary in their degree of adaption to the implied audience of their place and time.

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