Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration

The Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration (SJPA) publishes four issues per year, presenting articles on public administration with perspectives from political and management studies, economics or law studies.

Vol 22, No 4 (2018)

Table of Contents


They Talk the Talk – But Do They Walk the Walk? PDF
Gissur Ó Erlingsson, Emanuel Wittberg 3-20
When Public Officers Take the Lead in Collaborative Governance PDF
Anna Zachrisson, Therese Bjärstig, Katarina Eckerberg 21-44
Increasing Public Debt Collection with Nudging PDF
Niels Holm Jensen, Lisbeth Fyhn Reuss, Stephan Rasmussen 45-64

Book reviews

Decisions, by Karin Brunsson and Nils Brunsson PDF
Tom S. Karlsson 65-68
Philosophy and Public Administration: An Introduction, by Edoardo Ongaro PDF
Turo Virtanen 69-70
Modernizing the Public Sector: Scandinavian Perspectives, edited by Irvine Lapsley and Hans Knutsson PDF
Patrik Hall 71-74
Reply to Patrik Hall: Are Scandinavians Boring? PDF
Irvine Lapsley, Hans Knutsson 75-78

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