Special Issue. Culture on the move: Towards a minorization of cultural difference

Guest editor: Zlatan Filipovic

This Special Issue would not have been possible without the enduring effort of the contributors whose patience has been paramount to what, at times, must have seemed as an endless unfolding of revisions before we could find the right pitch and I’m indebted to all of you for your commitment and support. Special thanks also is due to the Institute for American Universities and Professor Maria Van Liew whose initiative for a conference on the topic in Barcelona 2018 provided a much appreciated catalyst for the volume. School of Education and Communication at Jönköping University and its research focus in Communication, Culture and Diversity with Professor Ylva Lindberg at the helm have also been instrumental in providing continuous suport for the project as well as my own Department of Languages and Literatures at the University of Gothenburg with its established research field in Transcultural Studies. I also owe a debt of gratitude to the editorial team at Moderna Språk and our brilliant Anna Gudmundson, above all, whose attentive eye, appreciation and tireless enthusiasm have made this volume finally see the light of day.

Most of all, however, I want to thank my awesome wife Maria and my son and daughter, Mies and Dalia Belle, whose love and joy are the foundational pillars of all my endeavours

Zlatan Filipovic

Table of Contents


Introduction Culture on the move: Towards a minorization of cultural difference PDF
Zlatan Filipovic 1-15
Hermeneutical understanding and the transcultural challenge: Reflections on the theoretical development and its literary relevance PDF
Edgar Platen 16-26
River writing and “the tyranny of beginnings:” Autobiographies along rivers PDF
Linda Karlsson Hammarfelt 27-42
Where is home? Diaspora and hybridity in contemporary dialogue PDF
Gema Ortega 43-60
Food as function and food as figure: Cultural translation and cultural hybridity in A change of skies, Love and vertigo and Nina’s heavenly delights PDF
Anette Svensson 61-76
The uncapturable contours of an author: Ambiguous postures in French media of transnational Francophone writers Fatou Diome and Alain Mabanckou PDF
Ylva Lindberg 77-113
Modernity and the transformation of the Spanish national(ist) speech PDF
Antoni Raja-I-Vich 114-130
Resisting nationalism in Rompepistas (2009): Pan-national punk attitude in the working class fiction of Kiko Amat PDF
Maria Van Liew 131-144
Semiotic landscapes and discourses of protest in Barcelona: Tourism Kills PDF
Monica Cantero-Exojo 145-175

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