A Ginga da Rainha: Apoteose da Rainha Ginga no carnaval carioca

Helder Thiago Maia


After a brief panorama of the representation in other arts, I analyze the presence of Queen Ginga in Brazilian culture from twenty sambas-enredo of Escolas de samba in Rio de Janeiro, and their respective parades, between the carnivals of 1972 and 2019. Based in the material found and the analyses, we can say that there are two distinct moments in the representation of the Angolan Queen: between the 70s and 90s, when Ginga was linked to the Congada and the Coronation of Kings, and between the 00s and 10s, when it was narrated mainly from the ideas of resistance and freedom.


Queen Ginga; Carnival; Rio de Janeiro; Congada; Freedom.

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