Literatura à mão: os serões do convento literature for the hand: os serões do convento

Helder Maia, Mário Lugarinho, Fernando Curopos


In this text, based on the analysis of Os serões do Convento (1862), the concept of literature for the hand is introduced to discuss the pornographic literature that circulated between Brazil and Portugal. For that, the language, the place of the work in the Brazilian and Portuguese literary historiographies and LGBT, its anticlericalism, its intertextualities, the resonances of the book in other literary texts and its problematic authorship are analyzed. Also, the anticlericalism, the intertextuality, its resonances in other literary texts are indicated and its questionable authorship. Finally, we discuss too, the role of literary criticism in the approach of texts whose characters escape the paradigms of heteronormativity and cisgenerity.


Pornographic Literature in Portuguese, Gender Studies, Queer Studies, Canon, Authorship

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