A história como estratégia e tema literários na Comédia de Diu (1601), de Simão Machado

Rogério Miguel Puga


Abstract Using concepts and the methodology of Imagology, this article analyses the process of fictionalisation of the period prior to the Siege of Diu (1538) in the bilingual play Comédia de Diu (Comedy of Diu, 1601), by Simão Machado. This historical play shares characteristics with the historical novel, and represents the conflicts between the Portuguese and the “Moorish” King Bandur in the Portuguese fortress of Diu (India). This article studies the playwright’s use of History and of self- and hetero-stereotypes to characterise and glorify the Portuguese historical characters and, metonymically, the Portuguese maritime and colonial enterprise in general.


Comédia de Diu, Simão Machado, Imagology, stereotypes, national identity, History

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