Estudio longitudinal de la representación social del teatro en una cohorte de 25 dramaturgos argentinos de entre 35 y 45 años

Lucas Rimoldi


With the aim of contributing to the understanding of the recent trends and transformations of the Argentinean independent theater system, this work deepens its analysis by means of a longitudinal panel design on a cohort formed by 25 writers/directors/actors who were born as artists towards 2000, extending the interval considered until 2020. The social representation on the theater of this group expresses some modifications of the system itself, as a certain turn towards the commercial and an acceptance of realism even in the advanced areas that at the beginning of the interval were defined precisely by their rejection. The cohort concept allows us to define common characteristics in a field invested with symbolic climate, while the life course helps to visualize non-normative idiosyncratic factors that explain influences of change and play in relation to the cohort effect. Our approach allows us to avoid simple biographism without obliterating the life of those who create. As regards different activities and dimensions of the selected subjects, we deal with a complex theoretical object. From an interdisciplinary perspective, our framework integrates the sociology of literature, concepts from sociology and social psychology, aimed at updating and demystifying the approaches that are deployed on Argentine theater.


independent argentine theatre- longitudinal study- cohort- social representation

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