“Seasons Change, or the Tales of Eric Rohmer”

Robert James Cardullo


There exists a large strand of Gallic cinema for which the thoughtful, refined, and psychologically acute depiction of urban middle-class manners is a mainstay. At its most superficial, this strand produces movies like Martine Dugowson’s Shadow Play (Portraits chinois, 1997), where the privileged milieux of fashion, art, and the media are the picture’s flimsy substance rather than its pretext, and in which the characters’ angst seems to be just another eye-catching item in a large display window. At its best, this type of French film has come to be identified with the work of Eric Rohmer. The author re-views Rohmer’s films in general, and in particular Boyfriends and Girlfriends (L’Ami de mon amie, 1987), A Tale of Winter (Conte d’hiver, 1992), and Autumn Tale (Conte d’automne, 1998), as instances of “thinkers’ cinema.”

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