El ingreso del absurdo al campo cultural rioplatense a través de tres revistas periódicas dirigidas por Abelardo Castillo

Lucas Rimoldi


Since the late 1950s, the Argentine writer Abelardo Castillo has published the cultural magazines El Grillo de Papel (1959-1960), El Escarabajo de Oro (1961-1974) and El Ornitorrinco (1977-1986). Under Sartre's notorious influence, their pages framed the theater in philosophical, sociological, and political discussions. This study of critical reception shows different ways in which these publications intervened accompanying the irruption of European absurdity in the Río de la Plata cultural field: from the beginning in the transdisciplinary and experimental El Grillo ..., to the interest in avant-garde expressions and the problems they present in front of the models of traditional representation, deployed in El Escarabajo ... This trail inscribes traces of a genealogy of the independent theater, as well as episodes of the debate on the social function of theater.


cultural magazines- absurdism- Río de la Plata cultural field- critical reception

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