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Welcome to Moderna språk, a journal of English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian languages, literatures and cultures.

Moderna språk has been published every year since 1906, and it is thus one of the oldest journals of its kind in the world. Until 2008, Moderna språk came out in a printed version, but from 2009 it is published as a web-based journal on the Internet. Our aim is to publish all articles from 1906 and onwards electronically, by gradual stages.

The articles in Moderna språk cover areas within linguistics, literature and culture and the main target group is language teachers and researchers at schools and universities worldwide. The publication is peer-reviewed.



Vol 113, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents


The need to supplement written grammar feedback: A case study from English teacher education PDF
Michel Cabot, Arne Kaldestad 1-19
Amadeu de Freitas e os mistérios de “Lesboa” PDF
Fernando Curopos 20-28
Quotidianos da imigração nas crónicas de Mayone Dias: tradições e identidades transplantadas PDF
Dora Nunes Gago, Shuxiang Cao 29-39
On ‘Crisis’ and the pessimism of disciplinary discourse in foreign languages: An Australian perspective PDF
Joshua Brown, Marinella Caruso, Klara Arvidsson, Fanny Forsberg-Lundell 40-58
Turgenev’s appropriation of King Lear: A case of medieval transmission and adaptation PDF
Manel Bellmunt Serrano 59-86
„Gestehstu zu, daß dein Geist den du beÿ dier gehabt, Hensel geheißen...“: Teufelsbuhlschaft in frühneuzeitlichen Hexenverhörprotokollen aus Grünberg in Niederschlesien PDF
Jarochna Dąbrowska-Burkhardt 87-107
Literature for building an inclusive society: Ungendered narrative and its impact on the daily life of queer individuals PDF
Bhagirath Jetubhai Khuman, Madhumita Ghosal 108-123


Hauser, Stefan, Luginbühl, Martin & Tienken, Susanne (Hrsg.) (2019), Mediale Emotionskulturen. Bern: Peter Lang Verlag. (Sprache in Kommunikation und Medien, Bd. 12). PDF
Roman Opilowski 124-128
William Troy, American Literary Critic: A Re-viewing PDF
Robert James Cardullo 129-136

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