In Situ Archaeologica vol. 13 (2019)

Äntligen har In Situ volym 13 kommit med sina första två artiklar. Fler är på väg och vill bli publicerade löpande under året. Fler är också välkomna.  
Posted: 2019-01-30


Welcome to the new In Situ Archaeologica. Now everything is up and running. You find back issues under the Archives menu. If you want to subscribe or contribute, please sign up under the Register menu.  
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The New In Situ Archaeologica

In Situ Archaeologica is re-organized and will shortly be up and running as a full Open Access Online Journal publicized under the University of Gothenburg Open Journal system. The website is public and shortly, we will be able to processing manuscripts for publication. Authors can register and submit articles for evaluation.  
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